Why become a member of the Alberta Freedom Alliance? Because our Party values your participation. In fact, it can’t function without it.

The Alberta Freedom Alliance Party initiative is in the formative stages. As a true grassroots Party, a Party where all major decisions like Constitutional changes , policy development, and the election of the Party Executive, decisions are entirely in the hands of the members.

If you want to be a part of our Freedom initiative, that process and those decisions, you need to be a member.

Please consider buying a Membership NOW. You will be issued a Founding Membership.
All those who purchase a Membership and submit a minimum of one page of our Petition To Register a Political Party with your name entered as “Canvasser” will have his/her Membership changed to a Founding Voting Membership giving him/her the right to run for a position on our Party Executive or Board and as Leader and/or vote in that Election. This will happen near the end of our Signature Campaign at the time of Registration of the Party.

Only Pay Pal, e-transfer and mail-in cheques are available for membership fees and donations. Direct credit card deductions are unavailable at this time.

Any Membership purchased now, prior to Registration of the Party, will be automatically ExtendedAll those who purchase a Membership on or before our Inaugural Annual General Meeting will have their membership extended
for one year once the Party is Registered.

or to pay by e-transfer please contact us

Buy a $10 Membership Donate to our campaign



Please make cheques payable to Alberta Freedom Alliance and send to:

Alberta Freedom Alliance
PO Box 53033
Glenora RO
Edmonton, AB T5N 0Z1