The Time to Act is NOW.
While it is true Trudeau’s approval ratings are slipping all across the country, here is what Alberta and Saskatchewan are up against – (photo below) While Alberta & Saskatchewan have high rates of Trudeau disapproval – 82% and 80% respectively, the ROC STILL approve of him in high numbers, as much as 47%. It seems not to matter how badly he performs. In many/most cases, they love him anyway. BC, Ontario and Atlantic Canada still see him as their favorite leader, regardless of his repeated failures. As long as they see that he is “bringing home the bacon” to them, as long as what he is doing brings them immediate, short-term gratification, they will vote for him. They care far less about Freedom, Fairness and Equality for all provinces and sound long-term economic stability. They will gladly sacrifice all this for short-term myopic gain and on-going hostility towards Alberta.

But perhaps we need to see something else, too. It does not matter who governs Canada. We already know that. We are where we are now because what we thought would be a strong conservative gov’t when Harper went to Ottawa, left Alberta ripe for Liberal ruin. We need to imagine what things will be like even if Trudeau loses and Scheer and the CPC wins. I do not have to paint this picture; we can all imagine it. How can ‘nice guy’ Scheer who has no plan and only the same soft liberal approach to politics do what needs to be done, when liberals right across the East clearly do not want the change we need. He is already showing he is prepared to favor Quebec and the East in the hope of delivering Eastern Canada seats while taking for granted the ones CPC has now in the Prairies. The assault on Alberta will continue unabated as we soothe ourselves with the idea that we have “our” government in Ottawa, just as we did while the Harper CPC meandered its way through almost ten years of warming seats, working on ways to keep the few Quebec seats they had, while increasing their pension take-home pay along the way. The CPC and all Conservative gov’ts of the past paved the way for the situation we find ourselves in now.

But this poll, taken now at the end of the most cringe-worthy year in Canadian politics and the saddest of all years for Alberta politics, THIS really underscores the huge political and cultural values gap between

Alberta and Saskatchewan and the Rest of Canada. There is a divide in this country too wide and too deep to repair. Especially when you consider that there is clearly, when you see these numbers and where they come from, not a chance that our provincial partners care at all about the sad state of the economy and ruthless progressive ideologies forced upon us that guaranteed Alberta was brought to its knees.

Trudeau will likely win in 2019 – but worse, he could win a MAJORITY. Remember, the Liberals won a majority last time with less than 40% of the popular vote (78.5% of the population voted.). If today’s poll numbers persist, and they could get better for the Liberals, and even as our bought and paid for Totalitarian State Media cheers the Liberal government on throughout the coming election, we will see another four years of a wasteful, predatory, punitive, pro-Islamic gov’t driving an even deeper wedge between Alberta and the Rest of the country.

If we do not move now to Separate, Alberta will remain a vassal state as more and more of our resources are drained and spent to work against us and to build an even bigger Progressive coalition going into the next elections after that.

We MUST stop what this ongoing Liberal strangulation is doing to us NOW, not four years from now. Not ten years from now. Because, the more our Freedoms are taken away, the continued drain of our resources and more avenues taken to stop us from Rebuilding the Alberta Dream, the more oppressive the totalitarian instincts of Trudeau and his radical Caucus will become and the less chance we will have to break away as the legislative screws are tightened around our neck and will finally, irrevocably, choke the life out of our beloved province for good.

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