The Impact of the Independence Movement

And people suggest that our movement hasn’t had an effect on Alberta politics. Seriously? In fact, the Alberta Independence movement has probably had a far more powerful impact on this province, both immediate and long term, than even the election of the so-called “conservative” majority UCP has.


Kenney will ride on the strength of our movement into every meeting, every negotiation, every consultation, every deal or agreement he makes with the feds and the other provinces for the next four years. Let’s face it: it isn’t the newly elected UCP that the ROC is afraid of. They know Kenney is an “avowed federalist”, an Ottawa insider, an elitist they can count on to leave Albertans hanging whenever the progressive heat is turned up.  How could they not know. He keeps declaring his fealty to the federation every time his establishment Media friends interview him just in case they confuse his tough political talk for any actual long-term action. He seems to want to signal to them that, in the long run, they can count on him to do exactly what the political establishment always does ~ capitulates to the unfair federal politically correct liberal agenda and leaves Alberta at a disadvantage they can do nothing about. This just reflexively includes bowing to the progressive social orthodoxy that Alberta resource development is causing Climate Change, that Diversity Canada needs to import large numbers of Middle East immigrants and refugees and that unlimited, unrestricted abortion is not even a topic up for discussion.


Who knows: If our movement is strong enough and loud enough we may even be able to help effect exceptional changes in national policy of critical importance for our province, like Equalization and Senate Reform. In the end we want Alberta Independence but if we can continue to be Kenney’s bogeyman to help advance a short-term, pro-Alberta political, social and economic agenda, that’s good too, while we push for full Independence.


We must keep the ball rolling, keep up the pressure for Independence, grow our movement every chance we get. We must not sit back and rest now. It is imperative that we build on the momentum we began.  All Alberta Patriots need to join in and help bring Alberta closer to our goal so that our province thrives and we get out from under the burden and control of Canada and Ottawa.


Join our movement and help press for positive change for Alberta and for Alberta Freedom.

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