What a cringing embarrassment!

What a cringing embarrassment! Kenney’s notion that Alberta shares anything, except our tax dollars, with Quebec is pure pandering lunacy. What does he think Legault is going to do in reaction to his “charm offensive”? Roll over and say “We’re sorry we’ve been taking your money and buying Algerian oil. We’ll stop doing that right now ~ How soon can you start Laying that Pipe?”

You can tell by Legault’s reaction that he has nothing but disdain for Kenney or his off-beat idea that Alberta and Quebec have anything at all in common. “Legault said he wasn’t “at the same place” as Kenney”.

What a surprise. Why would he want to be “at the same place” as Alberta? Its only complacent, cooperative Albertans who write blank cheques while coming up short on every provincial arrangement with Ottawa and Quebec. Legault knows the feds will never rock the EQ boat. No matter how steep Quebec demands for favored status and special treatment every federal political Party will keep reaching to please them. Every federal program will continue to cost Alberta and benefit Quebec.

But the Alberta Premier bowing and scraping and kissing Legault’s ring ~~~ that just makes Alberta Patriots squirm! Kenney will lose on all sides ~ both with Albertans and Quebeckers, if he keeps acting like chums to self-serving Quebec.

By Sharon Maclise

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney seeks alliance with Quebec’s Francois Legault

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