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And people suggest that our movement hasn’t had an effect on Alberta politics. Seriously?! In fact, the Alberta Independence movement has probably had a far more powerful consequence for our province, both immediate and long term, than even the election of a gutless “conservative” majority UCP did.

Kenney will ride on the strength of our movement into every meeting, every negotiation, every consultation, every deal or agreement he makes with the feds and the other provinces for the next four years. Let’s face it: it isn’t the newly elected UCP that the ROC is afraid of. It is Alberta Separatism that will carry the day every time. And it is up to all of us to keep up the pressure.

Who knows: If our movement is strong enough and loud enough we may even be able to effect exceptional changes in national policies of critical importance to our province, like Equalization. Trust me ~ an avowed federalist like Jason Kenney will not. The ROC knows who he is ~ an Ottawa insider, an elitist who will throw the average Albertan to the dogs whenever the progressive heat is turned up. And they know, in the long run, they can count on him to do exactly what the political establishment always does. Cave to the mainstream for fear of being kicked out of the old boys club.

Just watch. Over the next months you will see Jason Kenney invoking fear of Alberta Separatism, over and over, every time he needs a bogeyman to back the ROC into a corner with.


Sharon Maclise
Friends of Alberta Separation


  1. You are making a huge mistake if you enter into any negotiations with Ottawa using the Clarity Act. That is a trap. If you get enough signatures for a binding referendum for Independence you should go for a UDI. Unilateral Declaration of Independence. This ends all Treaty’s and entanglements legally on the day you declare UDI through a democratic vote of the people of Alberta. Under the Clarity Act you would be drawn and quartered by Canada’s corrupt courts. Think BREXIT. If you are serious about Independence go UDI.

    • It seems to us that the only reason a province is able to Seceed at all is because we have legislation defining the process. Quebec may ahve thought it could seceed all those years but there was no clear provision in the Constitution or supsequent legislation for that to happen prior to the Clarity Act of 2000. We agree that the federal gov’t would make it very hard to effect actual Separation but, unless they wanted a full-out revolution, they would have to negotiate in good faith. It would likely take years to conclude the process but as long as Albertans had voted, in a referendum, to do so the federal gov’t would have a real political problem if they refused to negotiate. If they did, that would be the time to simply declare Independence and start acting as an Independent state.

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