For 60 years Alberta has been the driving force of Canada. We now find ourselves stuck with a provincial and federal government whose economic and social values are foreign to us. We are surrounded by hostility from our provincial partners from coast to coast. Alberta politicians, here and in Ottawa, are full of promises, never realized. The electoral realities of Canada guarantee none of this will ever change – it never has and never will. The time is now for the Alberta People to take charge of their future and insure their dreams can be realized.

Alberta Freedom Alliance has brought together several groups whose goal is to form a provincial political Party that will run candidates in the pending Election in the Spring of 2019 to seek election to the Alberta Legislature. In government, or sitting in Opposition, we will promote and defend four goals:

1. To build support for and to sponsor a Referendum for Alberta Independence.
2. To return our province from Party politics to People politics, where legislation closely aligns with the will of the People. The Alberta Freedom Alliance believes in Direct Democracy to the extent that is reasonable and possible. We are committed to meaningful and verifiable accountability to Party members, voters, citizens and taxpayers.
3. To pass legislation that will institute the principles of Initiative, Referendum and Recall.
4. To work towards an immediate end to Equalization and the Redistribution of Alberta taxes.

We are presently recruiting candidates to run for the Alberta Freedom Alliance in the upcoming Alberta Election.  If you believe in Alberta Independence and want to help lead a provincial government that will make it a reality sign up with the ONLY Separatist Party in Alberta and be a candidate in the 2019 Election. 

For inquiries or information contact us at volunteer@albertafreedomalliance.ca or send as an email below